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Extreme Weather Resources


  • SciJinks: Games, Resources, Multimedia, for kids and instructors, material on weather and extreme events

  • UCAR: Kid’s Crossing on weather and climate, Games & Activities, fun facts, dangerous weather, resources for teaching atmospheric science

  • Weather Wiz Kids: Good resource with lots of details for various weather events, natural disasters, FAQ section for these topics: Created by meteorologist Crystal Wicker, this site has explanations and experiments on weather events, weather forecasting and natural disasters

  • UCAR: Web Weather for Kids, good basics for younger kids on various storm events

  • NASA: Climate Kids


Heat Waves

Resources for Heat waves and Summer 2019 Heat Wave (Central and Eastern US)

Extreme Storms


Winter Storm Riley (March 2018)

Extreme Weather in the Midwest (Winter 2018-2019)


Heat Transfer Basics

Ocean Temperature Basics